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Polycase Ammunition 9mm Luger, 74 Grain ARX Ammuniton, 25 Rounds Per Box

Polycase Ammunition 9mm Luger 74 Grain ARX Ammuniton, 25 Rounds Per Box
To Understand The ARX, One Needs To Forget Nearly Everything They’ve Been Told About Bullets. The Non-Expanding ARX Is Injection Molded From a specially blended Copper/Polymer Matrix That Is Designed To Be Tough Enough To Penetrate Soft Targets And Tissue, But When It encounters tougher barriers It Is Designed To Break Apart To Reduce The Risk For Collateral Damage Due To Over Penetration. Even The heaviest Clothing barriers Have No Effect On The Terminal Performance Of The ARX Bullet. The ARX penetrates Straight Until It encounters Soft Tissue. Upon entering Soft Tissue, The specially Designed grooves In The Nose Harness The Rotational Energy Of The Bullet During The Initial 6 inches Of Penetration. As The Bullet penetrates It tumbles In a Controlled, Predictable Fashion That delivers Very Consistent Terminal Performance That equals Or exceeds Conventional Hollow Point designs. The flutes In The Nose Of The ARX Bullet Harness The Gain In Kinetic Energy accrued Due To The increased Velocity Of Fluid Through The Constriction Designed Into Those flutes. Fluid Passing Through The ARX flutes travels Between One-And-a-Half To Two-times The Velocity Of The Bullet. A 9mm ARX Bullet traveling at 1,500 Fps Will Result In Fluid Flowing Through The ARX flutes at Nearly 3,000 Fps, resulting In a Wound Cavity In Soft Tissue That Has Been compared To That Of a .223 74 Gr BTHP. In Soft Tissue, The ARX Is Designed To Penetrate 12 To 14 inches, Every Time. Features: - Revolutionary Self-Defense Technology: From The Research And Development Laboratory Of PolyCase Ammunition, The Inceptor ARX Is The Next-Generation Of Self-Defense Ammunition. Through advanced Design And materials Science The ARX uses Fluid Dynamics Instead Of Expansion To Achieve Superior Terminal Performance. - ENGINEERED Fluid Dynamics: By Design, The Enhanced Surface Area And Design Of The ARX Exploit The Bullet’S Forward Energy And Redirect That Energy In The Form Of Hydraulic displacement (Hydrostatic Shock). This Hydraulic displacement creates a Wound Cavity That Matches Or exceeds That Created By Expanding Bullets. - Lateral Force: The ARX Bullet’S Hydraulic displacement Effect Is Achieved By The ARX Technology. The ARX flutes – grooves On The Nose Of The Bullet – Have Wide Mouths And Narrow Exit points. When Combined With The Bullet’S Forward Velocity Into Soft Tissue, The Design Of The ARX flutes causes An Increase In Pressure Of The Fluid. As a Result, The Fluid Is laterally ejected From The flutes at a higher Velocity Than The Actual Speed Of The Bullet Itself, creating The Massive cavitation And Wound channels Seen In The ARX Gelatin Tests. - SPECIALLY ENGINEERED Profile: Because It Has No Hollow-Point Or Sharp edges On The Nose Of The Bullet, The ARX feeds Like a Round Nose, Yet retains Stopping Power And Terminal Performance That exceeds Most Expanding Handgun Bullets. - Precise: Injection Molded ARX projectiles Deliver Exceptional Accuracy. - High Velocity Specifications: - Caliber: 9mm - Bullet Weight: 74 Grains - Bullet Type: ARX - Rounds: 25 Per Box

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